среда 19 септември 2018
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Најнови Вести

Инаку џабе фалбата Премиерот гостуваше на Хард талк…ама на радио….

Prime Minister of Macedonia – Zoran Zaev

Прво не гостувал на тв ,туку на радио BBC, а шо кажа слушни сам

For nearly three decades the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been locked in a bitter dispute with neighbouring Greece over its name. There’s a Greek province called Macedonia. Last month the twocountries signed a historic accord to change the name of this small Balkan state to the Republic of North Macedonia – subject to a referendum. The agreement paves the way for Macedonia to join the EU and Nato. This would be a welcome step for a country that is one of the poorest in Europe. But challenges from nationalist hardliners, the opposition and the President signal stormy times ahead for the social democratic government. Zeinab Badawi speaks to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Does he have what it takes to change hearts and mind and set his country on a path of greater prosperity?

(Photo: Prime Minister Zoran Zaev speaks at signing ceremony renaming Macedonia to Republic of North Macedonia, 2018. Credit: Sakis Mitrolidis/AFP)